Tomato Pie Pizza Joint

         What about this place, is it just another pizza shop?  Not on your life!  So why is this place so special?  

          Regarding food, it can be all over the map in variety, quality and taste, you can get a hot dog off the roller grill at the convenience store, as you fill your tank and are on the run, or hit the drive thru, wolfing down your sausage biscuit as you play dodge’em cars on your way to work, the choices are ubiquitous.  The frozen food sections at the super markets are loaded with an endless selection of “heat and eat” pizza.  Quick, cheap and fast have become dominating regarding food choices.  Eating has generally become an event that aligns with a pit stop at the “Daytona 500”.  Get it now, get it fast, placing quality and a gourmet touch someplace far on the back burner, and the stuff is usually cold, serving only the purpose of stomach stretching, quelling the pangs of hunger.  

         Kim Raia is a food artisan, working at Greiner’s Subs-shops in Indianapolis since she was 14.  Greiner’s offered products above and beyond typical sub shops, great effort was made to bake gourmet bread, and all ingredients were chosen for quality and taste, without compromise.  Greiner’s is still operating with a 45-year history.  This philosophy has been carried over into Kim’s concept of what a pizza shop should be, her creation, her dream.  Kim made a monumental effort to study each phase of creating a pizza of the highest quality, spending quantities of time visiting selected pizza shops in various out of state locations, highly successful, gourmet style pizza operations.  Using these principles to establish her goal.  The dough preparation and formulation is of the greatest importance, the aging of the dough, the ingredients, mix time and proper baking time, all play important roles in the sought result.  All ingredients are of the highest quality available.  This extreme effort is not uniform among the majority of competitors.  Pizza shop suppliers offer a variety of frozen, quick and cheap dough products, some already shaped and formed, to reduce labor costs and also incorporate lower skill levels to prepare the pizza.  This approach may yield certain financial benefits, but the Tomato Pie’s agenda is directed toward a unique and special product creation, seeking results that rise above ordinary.  

       The owner, operator food service concept has dwindled over the years with the onslaught of corporate food marketing, as employees are trained in a static manner, akin to trained seals, as they greet you at the counter.  Not so at Tomato Pie, you are coming to this place to discover something that is above the ordinary, which includes a great personal appreciation for your presence.

        So, that’s why this place is special.  Savor the experience; it’s a special place, as you, the customer, are also special.  Kim welcomes you to her place.


Raymond Greiner

(Founder of Greiner’s Subshops) 

Tomato Pie Pizza Joint
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